Please use the players below to listen to recordings with Sietse-Jan.

Williams - Fantasy from Greensleeves (Li Wang, piano)

Piazzolla - Grand Tango (Li Wang, piano)

Bach - Allemande from the 6th Suite

Popper - Hungarian Rhapsody (Li Wang, piano)

Rachmaninov - Zdes' Khorosho (Yun Yang Lee, piano; transcription SJ Weijenberg)

Vieuxtemps - Capriccio (transcription SJ Weijenberg)

De Falla - El Pano Moruño - Eldon Ng, Piano

Davidoff - Am Springbrunnen - with Yun Yang Lee, piano

Bach - Suite I in G BWV 1007 - Gigue

Bennett - A farewell to arms for Coir & Cello